February 14, 2014

Day 14, love and faces

Happy Valentine's day!
This is not a very romantic face hahaha! But does it count if it was made with a happy disposition? ;o) I actually like it just like that. I don't think I'm adding anything later, but then again.... who knows!

 I'm sharing this cute video and I hope everyone has a fun day full of love, art and some chocolates! In many countries this is a day to celebrate love AND friendship, because love comes in many shapes and forms... have a happy day to all my friends and online buddies!

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  1. I love it just the way it is!!!! Have a great Valentines Day ♥

  2. Happy Valentine's Day ;o) That video made me smile ;o) Thank you ;o) Your face is really cool looking! I like ;o)

  3. such a sweet video, thank you .

    fun face, fun colors

  4. Three hurrays for choccolate! Happy Valentine's Day, dear. :)

  5. The colours are definately happy and the face is fun.

  6. such a nice video ... happy weekend!

  7. Interesting face!
    Loved the little rascals movie. Cute!


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