February 24, 2014

Day 24.... 4 more days only?

Seems like time flies when I'm running a challenge!
For this, instead of doing an outline, I went making round shapes to do more areas rather  than lines.

I have been dealing with this sneaky cold and it complicates everything.
Memo to myself: Don't catch any colds. Ever.

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  1. Hi Martha. I like your latest piece. Looks like a mask. Hope you are ding better from your cold. I finished up my 28 Faces, not doing 29. I had fun and will be using Blog to Print to order my book for it. I enjoyed. Thanks.

    1. That sounds cool! I know you have done some before, let me know how they turn out! Maybe you can do one more, the month is not over! :oD

  2. Gorgeous and bewildering..and love the golden yellow tones..very gentle yet dramatic!
    I was hoping to play with your awesome challenge ,time slipped away from me..then again 4 days still!
    Hope your cold runs away and you feel all sparkling and bright again.

  3. This face is very interesting! I hope you feel better soon ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Very cool! Looks like a cloud getting ready to blow cold air at us all! lol


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