February 17, 2014

Day 17 of 29. More realistic

This one face I had already started some time ago and I worked on it some more:

And here are some of the steps. There is still a lot of brushwork but tends to go more towards realistic.



It was a fun page to make!

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  1. so pretty!! the eyes are so expressive!

    i want to thank you, too, for doing the 29 Faces challenge each time. I have met so many wonderful artists that are now my (blog) friends!! i always look forward to February and September just to see all the work from each artist.


  2. It's so cool to see the process (although I'm sure I have said that about your art before). Her eyes are great, and it looks like she has a halo too! I love the backgrounds you do!
    Have a fantastic day!
    P.S. I also love the faces your daughter did on an earlier post (but I forgot to comment. Sorry!)

  3. wonderful progression shots! Looking good!

  4. I love seeing the steps Martha! She is beautiful! Love the halo ;o)

  5. I love to see the progression shots. It gives me hope. And your daughter's faces are wonderful. I wonder where she gets that from ? lol

  6. Very nice portrait! Love the braid!


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