February 12, 2014

Day 12, monochromatic

This is a simple "clean the brush" type of painting on a journal page. (The journal used to be a calendar) Just dragged  the paint till it made some kind of sense and left it at that.
Hard for me to stop!

Reminds me vaguely of the Lord Dooku in Star Wars heheh
I forgot to mention that I am now including a link to art and workshops, because I was told that in mobils devises the side bar and sometimes top menu are not visible.
Either you have to find the "video as a website" link, or see links in posts.
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  1. Nice! You set such a great example in this by doing a lot of simple "sketches". I need to be reminded that not every piece has to be a masterpiece.: )

  2. This is a very nice collection of faces.

  3. I like this one!

  4. Great face Martha! Very interesting how you made it!


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