February 13, 2014

Day 13. Collage paper

I took some awesome collage paper and pasted it on my page. After that and due to the  large pieces, I had no idea what to do next.... but I think this will turn really nice, I can see it in my mind. Sooner or later you will see it in the blog too.
For now I am enjoying leaving my pages in progress :oD

I also made yesterday a quick upside-down sketch. We went to have a sandwich and I grabbed my pen to doodle on the receipt. I recommend you all to make one, it is fun!
It turned out better than I expected hahah

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  1. I love to see all your projects!

  2. Thank you, I enjoyed your sketch and collage. :)

  3. I am unable to email you- it doesn't go through after proving I am not a robot. I have tried repeatedly to correct this label problem. Is it possible I am using an older or out of date blogging template? I am pretty frustrated.

    1. Jo, give me your email here, I will not let it be posted but it will reach my inbox and we go from there

  4. Looking forward to seeing the next phases of this work. Also, the upside down face is really cute. Makes me want to try that too. :)

  5. Martha, you are so creative!

  6. Beautiful face on the lower piece. You are so creative.

  7. Wow, upside down and perfect. Very nice sketches!


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