February 27, 2014

Day 27, I see red

This one is made in a larger journal, the paper is not so great for wet media, so I will have to gesso a few pages as I go. But is a nice size 11 x 9 inches about 28 x 21.5 the inside pages.
Just red acrylics. I like how she is turning her face.

One more day.... wow

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  1. Have so enjoyed this challenge. Have never spent much time on faces but I am drawn to them now, after this. Love your red lady and the zentangle one. I did zentangle today. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Looks like the sun is shining from a window behind her: I love the warmth effect you achieved! A big thank you hug for creating 29 Faces and for your uplifting art. :)

  3. Love your faces. I have gleaned some things by watching your work. I want to say thanks for ebing pt with me regarding the "Linky" thing. This was a good challenge for me. Thanks for hosting this.

  4. She is gorgeous...deeply soulful..I too love the angle of her face and the way it is turned so poetically...I also love the rich red tones and the sense of light shining ontop the back of her head..magical!! Feels spiritual!
    Thank you for hosting this awesome challenge and for being the beautiful spirit you are!
    Hugs and sparkles...


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